We are a team of friends and fellow-thinkers.

We believe in friendship in business.

We build on this our relationships with partners, clients and employees.

We develop, test and implement business processes that become a foundation for our friends’ success since 2006.

We are Leader Consult Group of Companies.


Leader Consult team works to open up daily new opportunities for our clients, partners, employees and also for those in need of social help and support.

And we believe in the success of our mission!


We believe that prosperity of our clients is a top priority.

We offer high quality services and agile, innovative solutions focused on our clients’ best interests.

We know that team really matters.

We provide a supportive and effective work environment, and therefore ensure our business growth is driven by the development of our employees’ highest potential.

We understand that the support of social initiatives is our duty.

Support of charitable projects and environmental protection are essential components of our corporate culture.

We know that the keys to success are mutual trust and maintaining a responsible attitude toward the assets created.

We are accountable to our shareholders and partners — business has to be profitable, honest and open to new ideas.


  • Integrated approach in solving our clients’ and partners’ issues
  • Stability - more than 10 years on the market
  • Recognition and loyalty to the brand Leader Consult
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Efficiency in making decisions
  • Professional team