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17 years of experience
founded in 2006
Over 800 employees
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Over 25 projects
launched over 17 years

Leader Consult is a modern financial and investment holding company with its head office in St Petersburg and branches in Moscow and Ekaterinburg
We participate in projects as an investor or managing company
Leader Consult is a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Union of Entrepreneurs, the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Leader Consult cooperates with the Development Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises
in St. Petersburg.
The Leader Consult Holding Financial and Investment Holding Company focuses on the following areas in its business:
Attracting investments
We attract the investments required to implement projects created by us or by third parties
Managing projects
We project managers for developing business
Investigating and evaluating investment attractiveness
We carry out expert evaluations of investment plans and strategic marketing plans
Risk management: legal, fiscal, and specialized issues
Risk management: legal, fiscal, and specialized issues
Each project has a risk assessment taken from the point of view of the law, economics, market conditions, and information security

Interaction with government agencies and PPP
We build effective interaction with the state, which is critical for a number of businesses in Russia
Digitization of business processes
Our branches and projects focus on comprehensive integration of IT systems and development of digital business solutions, such as business management systems, automated systems for collecting and generating reports, CRM systems, monitoring systems, and mobile apps. This makes it possible to digitize projects at the earliest stages of development
We attract investment, solve business issues, and increase project efficiency by combining expert experience with established administrative processes.
Leader Consult’s projects
All investment projects are integrated in such a way to create ideal conditions for synergy.
LCG Personnel
A federally significant company that provides personnel services, such as bespoke services for preparing documents to issue permits to foreign workers, HR administration, personnel outsourcing, and auxiliary business processes.
The company’s head office is located in St. Petersburg, with branches in Moscow and Ekaterinburg.

Founding date - 2006.
LCG Recruiting
An agency dealing with searching for and recruiting qualified specialists for different areas of business. The agency provides screening, researching, recruiting, and executive search as part of the project.

Founding date - 2020.
LCG Content
Content agency with a comprehensive approach. We develop strategies, create designs, establish content generation processes, and help you find your unique voice so you can communicate with your audience.

Founding date - 2019.
LCG Cleaning
Offers all types of cleaning services for offices, factories, warehouses, break rooms, state institutions, cottages, apartments, and surrounding spaces (roads, streets, courtyards).

Founding date - 2018.
LCG Merch
Specializes in promoting goods on trading floors. This project involves laying out products, monitoring expiration dates, stocking shelves, and placing price tags and POS materials.

Founding date - 2019.
LCG Store
A full-cycle sewing company, from product design and cutting to manufacturing. Provides tailoring for uniforms, textiles, and other items (workwear, table linen, flags, logos, embroidery, etc.).

Founding date - 2019.
Blitzgard is project that combines resources and many years of professional experience in economic, legal, and property security in order to create a comprehensive solution that protects your business on all fronts.

Founding date - 2017.
A federal operator for preliminary and periodic medical examinations, which can register personal medical opinions and medical record books. Services are provided by M.Prof 4 medical centers in St. Petersburg and 1 in Moscow.

Founding date - 2011.
A company that provides services and automates processes for labor protection. The company has developed a modern IT solution called OTOR.PRO. It provides accounts that feature all the required features to automate labor protection in accordance with the current requirements of Russian legislation.

Founding date - 2022.
Provides corporate, civil, legal, administrative and criminal legal services for businesses and individuals. The company includes the Honor and Law Bar Association, the Consumer Rights Protection Center, the First Legal Mail courier service.

Founding date - 2011.
Leader Consult Construction
Construction services, including for buildings, interiors, and facades.

Founding date - 2016.
Lard Team
Lard: Programming and Development provides services for analysis, modelling and automation of business processes in order to increase operational efficiency, such as developing CRM and ERP systems, and planning and developing software for startups and businesses.

Founding date - 2020.
Hansang Lab
Association of Russian-speaking Koreans and Korean culture lovers. A mobile app has been developed to promote Korean culture.

Founding date - 2018.

A company engaged in sanitary and hygiene monitoring in the catering sector.

Founding date - 2020.
Ligovsky 78 managing company
Business center operation and office building management, provides services for administration, technical support, cleaning, and security.

Founding date - 2017.
Leader Consult Property
Residential and commercial property management, including development, purchase and sale of property, property investment, and renting and searching for real estate property.

Founding date - 2018.

Support for businesses and individual processes in the external economic arena.

Founding date - 2022.
Helpdesk Concierge
Concierge service with an office in Dubai, guarantees a high level of service and solutions for all issues for anyone who chooses the UAE to carry out their business or to live.

Founding date - 2022.
Daelim Network
Official distributor of Korean cosmetics, one of the leaders in the sector.

Founding date - 2006.
We are a team of experts and professionals. We want to be a driver of growth aimed at achieving the best possible results. That’s why we bring an attentive approach to investment projects and always try to do what we do not just rationally, but with a creative flair.
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